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Honda Xr100 Engine Serial Number

Can anyone look at this serial number and tell me the year of my bike. I got a good deal on it but it needs rings possibly valves. It will roll start but no compresion at all and smokes lol SN> H2HE0303YK902651 The number for the year is wore i think it may be a 2000 but not sure ? I tried posting a pic also if it shows correctly. Thanks

Honda Xr100 Engine Serial Number

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Yes the engine number is HE03E-6213811 I picked this up for nearly nothing smoked with low compresion. I thought a simple rebuild. Until i tore in to it. Top cam gear is chewed the cam chain tensioner is eat up, the cam dont look healthy either and 1 valve looks not to be closing all the way. It has original honda piston with stock bore not sure if its worth the money now.

My research says that all the XR100 motors will have a serial number beginning with HE03E- and I've found that -52... is 1983, for instance. Can anyone tell me what the rest of the serial would indicate years of major changes? I realize there isn't much, the XR100 was a really reliable motor, so Honda didn't mess with it.


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