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Download Torrent - LimeTorrents

As another year kicks off, we take a look at the most popular torrent sites are at the start of 2021. Continuing a long-standing top 10 tradition, we see that The Pirate Bay is the favorite among torrenting users, beating YTS and 1337x. What stands out is that the number of popular English-language torrent sites has declined, while foreign language sites are growing.

Download Torrent - LimeTorrents

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The yearly list of popular torrent sites is filled with well-known brands. This year there are two newcomers, TorrentGalaxy and Zooqle. These replace Torrentz2 and Tamilrockers, which have both disappeared.

If we have to signal a clear trend, we would point at an overall decrease in the number of popular English-language torrent sites. At the same time, foreign language sites appear to be growing their audience.

Below is the full list of the top ten most-visited (unique) torrent sites at the start of the new year. The list is based on various traffic reports. Please note that this list is created to keep track of the popularity of these sites over time. We do not recommend or endorse using any of these sites. Some are known to link to malicious ads, at least incidentally. is a popular resurrection of the anime torrent site NYAA. While there is fierce competition from alternative pirate streaming sites, the torrent portal continues to do well, climbing one position compared to last year.

The group often copies releases from other TV-torrent groups, which occasionally leads to embarrassing situations. The site switched to a new domain a few months ago and currently operates from

TorrentGalaxy is a relatively new torrent site, which launched little over two years ago. The site has a dedicated group of uploaders and an active community. In addition to torrents, TorrentGalaxy also makes some releases available for streaming.

As one of the most extensive BitTorrent indexes in the world, Limetorrents is a go-to destination for media pirates looking for illegal content. The site has been involved in several high-profile copyright infringement cases, and its founder has even been arrested for aiding and abetting piracy. Despite this, Limetorrents remains a popular search engine for those looking to download copyrighted material without paying for it.

Of course, there are also some downsides to using Limetorrents. The site can be slow at times, and ads can be annoying. Additionally, because the site facilitates piracy, it is often blocked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). However, for many pirates, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and Limetorrents remains their go-to source for illegal downloads.

First released in 2009, LimeTorrent became famous for its programs, allowing users to download anything from favourite TV shows to movies to music, games, and entertainment. Heavily downloaded programs like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Mr Robots have made it a popular choice, even though the website has been banned in many nations for violating copyrights and piracy laws.

Pirated content is widely available on the internet, and Limetorrents is one of the most popular search engines for finding it. Media pirates use Limetorrents to find and download copyrighted material, often movies, TV shows, and music, without paying for it.

Users can do a few things to protect themselves when using Limetorrents. Firstly, they should ensure a good antivirus program is installed on their computer. Secondly, they should avoid downloading torrents from untrustworthy sources. Thirdly, they should never click on any suspicious links in comments or descriptions. Finally, if they find themselves downloading a pirated file, they should delete it immediately after finishing the download.

Its extensive torrent index makes it one of the best movie torrent sites out there. You can download movies of all genres from The Pirate Bay without worrying about downloading suspicious files.

If you have been a part of the torrenting community even for a few months then you might have definitely heard about Kickass Torrents. Even though the original website has been taken down the new KickAss Torrents is quite popular.

The search is among the fastest in all the torrent search sites. Download torrents directly from the torrent search results using the magnets link or the torrent files. You can see the top torrent tracker information for each result.

There is a list of backup trackers given on the torrents page listing. Add them to get every last bit of available speed. GloTorrents also has an active forum where you can request torrents, subtitles, and more.

LimeTorrents is a torrent website, meaning it provides links for its visitors to download various different types of content with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing system. LimeTorrents often refers to itself as a general torrent indexer (or a torrent aggregator). LimeTorrents offers all the standard features of a torrent site, including free content, a fast user interface, few adverts, and the ability to create and customize an account.

The status of LimeTorrents mirrors depends on the LimeTorrents mirror used. LimeTorrents does have verified mirrors whose status is mostly up and online. The most stable LimeTorrents mirror site is

Yes, LimeTorrents does offer an app for users looking to download torrents on a mobile platform like Android. Currently, users can only get the LimeTorrents app on the Android platform as LimeTorrents is currently unavailable on iOS.

Hence, users should just go to a search engine like Google/Bing and search for LimeTorrents via the search field. From the shown results, users should click on the one that is offered by APKPure (usually the APKPure result is the top result for Limetorrents APK).

Going to the official website of APKPure and then using the search function present on the site to search for LimeTorrents does not work for some unknown reason. APKPure will show other torrent clients available and will exclude LimeTorrents even though LimeTorrents is available on the APKPure website. LimeTorrents not showing up via the APKPure search function is a fault of the search function rather than LimeTorrents diverting visitors to other torrent clients.

The LimeTorrents app not only allows access to the torrent files available on LimeTorrents but also helps to download and play the content. LimeTorrents APK even has a preview feature that users can employ to view the contents of a given file. There is also an option to download specific files within a given torrent file.

Using LimeTorrents is not safe but safety issues plague each and every torrent website on the internet. Torrenting copyrighted material is not legal but torrenting material that s not subject to copyright is completely legal. Any user of LimeTorrents or any other torrenting site must accept security, privacy, and legal risks.

Since a large portion of the content on sites like LimeTorrents has copyrights, law enforcement agencies and copyright trolls can take legal action against not only LimeTorrents but also users who download and consume copyrighted content.

Ethical issues that arise from using sites like LimeTorrents include authors or creators of the content not getting any recognition or generating any revenue. The people behind sites like LimeTorrents are not known to share the ad revenue (in addition to crypto-mining revenue and potential subscription revenue) with creators of the content people download from the site for free.

While proxy websites provide you a cheap and easy alternative to anonymously using LimeTorrents. We would still recommend using a VPN, like FastestVPN along with these Limetorrents proxy websites. The way these proxy sites work is by acting as an intermediary site between you and the site that you wish to visit.

However, using proxy sites does not always guarantee protection from third-party sites that wish to sell your internet activity. Moreover, their free-charge proxy sites make their revenue from advertisements. Using a VPN also eliminates these irritating ads and pop-up windows as well. Our sources would also like to recommend FastestVPN, the latest VPN provider with all of these features to allow you to torrent wisely and safely.

Across the globe people, governments have ordered a crackdown on all pirated torrenting websites, and Limetorrents is no different, however, while it is highly unlikely that you shall be caught and thrown in jail on directly downloading torrents, it is much better not to risk it at all! As long as there is a massive demand for these downloaded torrent files, proxy or mirroring sites shall always be needed.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are the ultimate tools when it comes to your cybersecurity. One such example is FastestVPN, which comes equipped with all the latest torrenting features and security protocols, as well as encryption technology. Of course, the choice, in the end, is really up to you. There are hundreds of VPN providers out there, and all of them enable you to hide your location and IP addresses allowing you to access geo-restricted sites like Limetorrents.

Despite being the most effective way of downloading torrents and contrary to popular belief, VPNs do not slow down your internet speed, and nor do they effect your torrenting speeds. Moreover, their vast features should remove any unsettling thoughts you may have had on your cyber-security.

We have also designed criteria for your understanding and benefit to know for sure that you can trust VPNs when using proxy sites for Lime torrent, which is crucial to us. We narrowed down the criteria into three separate categories for your ease as well; Torrenting policy, Jurisdiction, and Logging Policy, all of which are incredibly important and crucial to your security online.

Limetorrents is the best torrenting website there is anywhere and what better than to download, and binge-watch the Game of Thrones season, on the device of your choice, to watch with the family or alone regardless Limetorrents is the perfect torrenting website for you. Whether you are a game of thrones fan or not, their directory hosts thousands of the latest TV series from Stranger Things to Vikings. 041b061a72


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