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Bentley STAAD Pro V8i SS6: What's New and How to Get It for Free

Bentley.STAAD.Pro.V8i.20.with.crack.rar: What is it and why you need it?

If you are a structural engineer, you probably know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient software for your analysis and design projects. You need a software that can handle any type of structure, load, material, and code, and that can also provide you with accurate and detailed results. You also need a software that is easy to use, flexible, and compatible with other applications. That's why you need Bentley STAAD Pro V8i.



Bentley STAAD Pro V8i is a popular structural analysis and design software that has been used by engineers around the world for more than three decades. It is a comprehensive and powerful application that allows you to perform 3D finite element analysis and design for both steel and concrete structures. It also offers you a range of features and tools that can help you optimize your workflow, enhance your productivity, and improve your quality.

But what if you don't have the budget or the license to use Bentley STAAD Pro V8i? What if you want to try it out before buying it? What if you want to access all its features without any limitations? That's where Bentley.STAAD.Pro.V8i.20.with.crack.rar comes in.

Bentley.STAAD.Pro.V8i.20.with.crack.rar is a file that contains the latest version of Bentley STAAD Pro V8i (SELECTseries 6) along with a crack that can activate the software for free. By downloading and installing this file, you can enjoy all the benefits of Bentley STAAD Pro V8i without paying anything. Sounds tempting, right? But before you do that, let's take a closer look at what Bentley STAAD Pro V8i is and what it can do for you.

What is Bentley STAAD Pro V8i?

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i is a structural analysis and design software developed by Bentley Systems, a leading infrastructure software company. It is part of the STAAD family of products that also includes STAAD Foundation Advanced, STAAD Advanced Concrete, and Structural WorkSuite.

A comprehensive structural analysis and design software

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i allows you to perform 3D finite element analysis on any structure exposed to static, dynamic, wind, earthquake, thermal, and moving loads. You can model complex geometries, materials, and boundary conditions using its intuitive graphical user interface or its powerful text editor. You can also import models from other CAD or BIM applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla Structures, etc.

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i also enables you to design structural elements such as beams, columns, slabs, walls, foundations, etc. according to various international codes and standards. You can check the strength, stability, serviceability, and deflection of your structure using its built-in design modules or its integration with external applications such as RAM Connection, RCDC, etc.

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i also provides you with comprehensive and detailed reports and documentation of your analysis and design results. You can customize the output format, content, and layout according to your preferences and requirements. You can also export your results to other formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

A flexible solution for any project, anywhere, any material

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i is designed to cover all your structural engineering needs from the foundation up. It can handle any type of project, whether it is a simple building or a complex bridge, a small residential house or a large industrial plant, a single-story structure or a high-rise tower.

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i can also handle any type of material, whether it is steel or concrete, wood or aluminum, composite or masonry, etc. You can define your own material properties or use the predefined libraries available in the software.

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i can also handle any type of location, whether it is in North America or Europe, Asia or Africa, Australia or Antarctica, etc. You can select your units, coordinate system, and design code according to your region and project specifications.

A user-friendly application with diverse capabilities

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i is not only powerful but also easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to access all its features and tools with ease. It also has a comprehensive help system that provides you with guidance, tips, and examples on how to use the software effectively.

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i also has diverse capabilities that can help you enhance your workflow, productivity, and quality. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Parametric modelling that allows you to create complex models using variables, expressions, and functions

  • Advanced analysis options that allow you to perform nonlinear, buckling, dynamic, and seismic analysis

  • Optimization tools that allow you to find the best design solution for your structure

  • Interoperability features that allow you to exchange data with other applications such as MicroStation, OpenBuildings Designer, ProStructures, etc.

  • Cloud services that allow you to collaborate with other engineers online using Bentley CONNECT

What are the features of Bentley STAAD Pro V8i SS6?

Bentley STAAD Pro V8i SS6 is the latest release of Bentley STAAD Pro V8i that was launched in September 2014. It has been designed around enhancing the user experience and expanding on the technical capabilities of the software. Some of the key features of this release are:

New STAAD Editor

The editor in Bentley STAAD Pro V8i has been upgraded to provide a more comprehensive editing environment for defining and tweaking the data file. The new editor now provides:

  • Outline view that gives quick access to key features in the data structure

  • IntelliSense that provides assistance in completing commands as you type

  • Text blocking and bookmarking that allows large chunks of the file to be hidden for quicker navigation

  • Database link that gives direct access to the profile databases for selecting correct names of profiles

  • Code snippets that allow repetitive command blocks to be added using templates

  • Context sensitive help that provides information on commands by clicking F1

New Building Planner Mode

The new building planner mode allows users to quickly define buildings using a set of regular plans that are constructed into a building form, analyzed, and then designed using RCDC. This mode is especially useful for concrete buildings in India where IS456 design code is followed. The new building planner mode provides:

  • A graphical interface for creating floor plans using grids, columns, beams, and walls

  • A tool for generating elevation views from floor plans

  • A tool for creating load cases and load combinations from floor loads

  • A tool for assigning supports and releases to columns and beams

  • A tool for analyzing the building model using finite element method

  • A tool for designing concrete elements using RCDC according to IS456 code

  • A tool for generating detailed drawings and reports from RCDC

New Mode Bar

The mode bar in Bentley STAAD Pro V8i has been redesigned to provide more clarity and better organization of the different .rar file?

To download and install Bentley.STAAD.Pro.V8i.20.with.crack.rar file, you need to go to Civil Engineer 9 website , download the file, extract it, run the setup.exe file, copy the crack file, and run the software.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and happy engineering!


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