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[S1E10] In America We're Brave _TOP_

Keith Mark 39:39remember, just remember this, Kyle, if those brave patriots would have showed up at the Concord bridge, and looked around and there was three of them. We'd have been in big trouble. And one we're trying to ban things like, you know, this, this bad policy in Virginia that they're trying to pass the banned coyote calling contest and, and all these other fights that Hunter Nation's in the middle of if Luke turns around, and there's only two or three people that are behind him, hunters lose. So thanks for putting your name on the dotted line for Hunter Nation Kyle, I encourage you to reach out to all your fellow predator hunters and just hunters in general in Virginia, make sure they know that this is a fight for our lifestyle, buddy. And that if they're not members of Hunter Nation, they need to go to and become part of this army. Thanks for coming on Kyle. And those of you listening if you stick around, Josh now have a little close and we'll be back here in just one second. Thanks again, Kyle. Happy hunting.

[S1E10] In America We're Brave




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